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3 easy steps to take care of your Imitation Jewellery.

At Hemant Jewellers, we know you love to flaunt your beautiful imitation jewellery that captures the spirit of Maharashtra.

To make sure your favourite pieces stay shining bright, here are some simple tips for taking care of them:

  1. Water, Water Everywhere… But Not on Your Jewellery!: Just like fine fabrics, imitation jewellery doesn’t like to get wet. So, it’s best to keep it away from water. Avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower, while washing dishes, or even when sweating it out during a workout.
  2. Cotton or Handy Plastic Pouch – Your Jewellery’s New Home!: When you’re not wearing your dazzling Hemant Jewellers pieces, store them safely in the cotton cloth pouch or plastic bag we provide. This will protect them from scratches and dust, keeping them looking their best.
  3. Velvet? Not Today!: While velvet jewellery boxes look fancy, they can trap moisture and the chemical inside used to paste the velvet can react with the jewellery, which isn’t good for your imitation jewellery. Instead, opt for the cotton pouch or plastic bag for safekeeping.

Looking to purchase some Maharashtrian Imitation Jewellers? Head over to Hemant Jewellers on kolhapurisaaj.in! They offer a wide selection of exquisite Maharashtrian imitation jewellery, allowing you to discover the perfect piece to add a touch of heritage and culture to your style.

Hemant Jewellers is a renowned name in Kolhapur, known for their high-quality micro gold plated imitation jewellery that stays true to the essence of Maharashtrian craftsmanship. So, browse their collection on Hemant Jewellers Website kolhapurisaaj.in, a one-stop online platform for all imitation micro gold plated maharashtrian jewellery, and find your perfect match!

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